Get Ready, Celebrate, Rejoice

Inspiration and Activities for the Christmas Season

Get Ready, Celebrate, Rejoice: Inspiration and Activities for the Christmas Season

Consumerism got you down?

Christmas priorities seem out of whack?

Children need help learning about the real meaning of Christmas?

This book, Get Ready, Celebrate, Rejoice will offer you a range of faith-focused activities for the entire holiday season.

From Advent through Epiphany, there are simple steps you can take to refocus on this life-changing Christian holiday. Many people don’t know what Advent and Epiphany are and may tell stories about Christmas that aren’t even found in the Bible.

This book provides history and explanations of this season of the year even as it offers pages and pages of activity ideas.

The section entitled “Get Ready” helps you prepare for the season with ideas such as creating a family Advent wreath, and using candle lighting and readings daily or on Sunday evenings during Advent. It also suggests you begin to think about your gifts for Jesus and arrange a “Grandma’s Day” for the youngest children.

The section titled “Celebrate” offers directions for making a birthday cake for Jesus and creating luminaries to light a path to your home. Also included are gift ideas and a plan for a “special gift.”

“Rejoice” continues the Christmas celebration, with even more ideas for involving the entire family, and describes the fun that can be had at an Epiphany party on the last night of the season. Two special cakes, complete with ways to pick a king or queen for the night, are explained and described. Be sure to notice the one powerful idea that will help you keep Christmas year round.

Get Ready, Celebrate and Rejoice this year in ways that will make the entire season faith-focused and filled with meaning for you and your family.

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